Pre-Workshop on Slack & Miro (September 1st – October 17/18)

Working on a Miro board for Introductions
Short Coffee Breaks over Zoom or Bluejeans
Sharing of Position Papers
Producing Questions for Discussing at the Workshop
Micro-activities for eliciting participants’ reflection on assets-based design

Workshop (TBD Between October 17/18)

Introductions: Thinking about our Assets and Goals1 hour
Break10 mins
Breakout Groups: Reflecting on the Implications of Assets-Based Design1 hour, 20 mins
Discussion: Reflecting on Guidelines for Assets-Based Design1 hour, 30 mins


We aim to initiate conversation with wider members of the CSCW community about assets-based approaches. To do so, we will share a living Miro board produced during the workshop, over various channels and encourage the broader CSCW community to add questions, comments, and edits.

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