Workshop Details

Questions that we hope to discuss during the workshop:
  • What are assets?
  • Whose assets are privileged?
  • What ethical considerations surface when facilitating assets-based reflections?
  • How can an assets-based design tackle systems-level problems?
How to participate?


This workshop brings together researchers and industry designers to explore the implications of assets-based perspectives across various domains. By providing a space for participants to discuss their experiences, perspectives, and methods to operationalize assets towards the design of technology, this workshop’s goal is twofold:

  1. To produce online artifacts with participants that can offer guidance on appropriate practices for identifying assets and leveraging those in design, while being cognizant of potential issues of power.
  2. To foster a community of researchers and designers continuously informing the field of CSCW on assets-based perspectives that support social transformation.

Goals and Themes

By providing a space to share our assets-based research and design experiences, the workshop will enable us to document and develop high-level guidelines for an assets-based design with groups affected by intersecting inequities.

Specifically, we aim at exploring three interconnected themes around operationalizing assets-based design. The themes and their goals are as follows:

Theme 1: Unpacking the Process of Identifying Assets.

Goal: To discuss ethical considerations, perspectives, and methods for reflecting who decides if/when to take an assets-based approach, what are assets, and how to identify them.

Theme 2: Understanding Assets and Issues of Power

Goal: To reflect on how to stress participants’ voices in terms of whose assets to consider, how they relate with participants’ goals, and how they can be used for imagining new futures. 

Theme 3: Translating Assets to Design

Goal: To envision how to proceed in highly complex situations involving the assets and problems of many different actors (e.g., when attending to systemic inequalities that may not be addressable by design or when designing with assets to impact large-scale systems)

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