Call for Position Papers

Our workshop brings together researchers and industry members to explore the implications of assets-based perspectives across domains, including Education, Information and Communication Technologies and Development (ICTD), and Participatory Design (PD).  Specifically, we will work to develop guidelines and methodologies for CSCW researchers and designers to identify when and how to pursue an asset-based approach, navigating issues of power to translate assets into design effectively.

The goals of this workshop are to (1) Produce online artifacts with participants that can offer guidance on appropriate practices for identifying assets and leveraging those in design, while being cognizant of potential issues of power and (2) Foster a community of researchers and designers continuously informing the field of CSCW on assets-based perspectives that support social transformation across domains. 

How to Participate

We invite anyone interested in assets-based research and design or inspired by an idea of assets. We ask participants to submit a 300-500 words abstract or a 4-6 page position paper that highlights their perspectives on assets-based approaches. Participants need not have prior experience of using asset-based approaches.

Abstracts or position papers can be structured in multiple ways, including the following possibilities: a reflection piece, a speculative fiction piece, a critical reading of existing literature, or a case study discussion of using asset-based approaches. Submissions could also include a description of how the author’s research work (past or present) relates to assets-based thinking, including the populations with whom they’ve worked or are working, participants’ positionality, and reflections on how their work engages or problematizes assets-based approaches. Positions papers should be related to at least one of the workshop themes: 1) Unpacking the Process of Identifying Assets, 2) Understanding Assets and Issues of Power, 3) Translating Assets to Design.

Themes of the Workshop

Theme 1: Unpacking the Process of Identifying Assets

Theme 2: Understanding Assets and Issues of Power

Theme 3:
Translating Assets to Design

We also invite participants who have not yet been involved in assets-based approaches and welcome their submissions (abstracts or position papers) to include a reflection on the potential and/or limitations of this approach in their future work. We invite and encourage submissions from researchers in academia, industry, and nonprofits with a wide range of perspectives. 

To apply, please submit your abstract or position paper here. We will also accept submissions by email to

Position papers should follow the Legacy SIGCHI Extended Abstracts Format ( Word / LaTeX). Papers will be reviewed by the organizers following a single-blind policy. With the author’s permission, both accepted abstracts and papers will be published on the workshop website. We will work to also have position papers published at CEUR Workshop Proceedings. To attend the workshop, at least one of the authors of the accepted position paper must pay registration at the event.

Key dates

  • First (early) deadline: August 23rd, 2020
  • Notification of acceptance: August 28th, 2020
  • Second (final) deadline: October 1st, 2020
  • Last day to notify acceptance: October 5th, 2020  
  • All camera-ready Papers Due: October 8th, 2020
  • Workshop (Sunday): October 18, 2020, time TBD

For more details, please visit the workshop website and our proposal or email us directly to

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